We’re inviting UNDP Asia Pacific senior managers to contribute posts for our “Letter From…” blog series. The idea is to have every one of our offices represented through the series, featured in the RBAP Digest and on our soon to be revamped corporate website.

Contributions should ideally be planned in…

March marks Women’s History Month, with International Women’s Day aptly themed: ‘Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World’.

With the world facing unprecedented health security challenges, women are meeting the new risk with vanguard crisis and security responses. Over 70% of essential workers on the frontlines…

The initiation of green bonds, or Green Sukuk, has shown the Government’s commitment to addressing climate change and using innovative financing to realise the Sustainable Development Goals. Photo credit: Fauzan Ijazah/UNDP Indonesia

The costs of climate change loom large for Indonesia, the world’s 4th most populous nation. Rising to the challenge, the Government is forging new and innovative financing instruments, including issuing the world’s first Green Sukuk.

On January 1 this year, torrential rain began to fall across Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and…

Promoting access and delivery of health technologies through the South-South exchange of innovative technology, knowledge and solutions

By Leslie Ong and Maurice Wee, HIV, Health and Development Team, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

A health worker in Indonesia prepares to deliver a vaccination. Photo: UNDP Indonesia.

The Challenge

Immunization is a life-saving and cost-effective intervention against many communicable diseases, saving up to three million lives globally every year. …

The health community in the Western Pacific is adapting to make sure vulnerable populations are not left behind

A rapid test is conducted with a client inside the Chuuk Women’s Council mobile clinic. Photo: Chuuk Women’s Council.

The COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping the globe is threatening to derail hard-won gains on HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria, seriously impacting health programmes and causing disruptions to life saving treatment.

In these unprecedented times, national partners of HIV, TB and malaria projects in the Western Pacific, supported by the Global…

UNDP in Asia and the Pacific

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